My Novel, "Above the Labyrinth"

All PT Davis ever wanted to do was fly airplanes. Forced into service in Vietnam, he joins Air America and becomes part of the CIA’s covert operations. Hardened by a world of survival and killing, he returns home, only to find he’s unable to fit into domestic life. He copes with his inner demons by fleeing to a job as a pilot for an island hopping airline company in the Bahamas. Despondent over his broken marriage and hoping to assuage his guilt from the war, PT embarks on one final mission to right a horrible wrong. “Above the Labyrinth” follows the uncharted path of a young man caught in the changing events of the 1960s. But through it all, he still finds peace and freedom in the sky.

Hard copies of Above the Labyrinth can be ordered from or from your local bookstore. Bookstores order it from Ingram Spark print on demand publishing company.

Here is the link to purchase the E-book version from

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