Friday, January 15, 2010

Another Sunny day in Arizona

It's sunny here in southern Arizona almost every day. Up in the Seattle area where we moved from, a sunny day meant "get going because you don't want to waste this rare sunny day". We've been down here for two months and it still feels like a long sunny weekend. I retired in October and my wife retired in March of last year. This long weekend has got to end sometime. There is a certain kind of pressure when you can do whatever you want. I've only had this kind of freedom fleetingly over the past 30 years. As a kid I would have no trouble figuring out what to do. But at my age, 62, the future looks different. First of all there is not as much future to look at. Also I've experienced quite a lot over the years and with every exciting new adventure there was disillusionment. For example when I was 18 my friend and I took off for southern California from our home in the St. Louis area to make it as rock 'n' roll singers. We thought we were pretty good. We got a ride all the way to San Francisco and on the drive out we practiced our Everly Brothers style harmony. Within several months from the time we left, we had called our parents to send money for our flight back home. This was 1966 and it wasn't long before Uncle Sam got hold of both of us. So OK, it's another sunny day in Arizona, now what should I do?

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