Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fat Robin Farm

DSCN2166This blog entry was written by my grandson, Owen, who visited Katie and me while we were staying in Sequim, Wa. at the home of our friend, Sally.
I’m here at the Fat Robin Farm with my grandparents. I came from Edmonds on the Kingston ferry, and from there, my grandparents drove me to SequimGrandpa, Grandma and Owen. I’m staying at their friend Sally’s house, which has a huge back yard, complete with a cherry tree, a few raspberry bushes, and black berry brambles, around the edges. Sally’s house is divided into two sections by an art studio. Sally lives on one side and we live on the oArtists 2ther side. We keep the door of the art studio closed because Sally has three cats and I’m allergic to cat dander.
My favorite of the three cats is Meow. She’s the boldest, so she doesn’t run away from me. She’s a grey cat with dOwen & Meowark grey stripes. She really likes me, and will come slowly after I call her. She also really likes to roll around on the grass, which makes her really dirty. Her owner, Angie, is in Seattle. Angie is Sally’s daughter, and she is going to get Meow and take her to Seattle within the next year. Meow was next to the driveway when I came here, and she let me pet her.
George is a nervous kitty. He runs away from me whenever I come within three feet of him. He’s dark brown with black stripes, and pretty big, not like Meow. He lies on Sally’s bed all Georgeday, but he can run really fast when he wants to. His owner is Sally. George really likes Grandpa, and will come if Grandpa calls him. I first met George when I went exploring the house.
The last cat is a Tonkinese named Blue. Blue has a dark tail, face, ears, and a brown back, but he’s white everywhere else. Blue likes me enough, but Bluehe hides anyway and scratched me after I rubbed his tummy too long. Blue is the largest of all three cats. Blue really likes Grandpa too. I first met Blue when Grandpa called him.
Sally is super, super nice. She waves to meSally whenever I see her. She includes me in conversations. She lets us use her enormous wide screen TV whenever we want to. She tries to get her cats to like me. She lets me roam around her house whenever she’s awake or not home. She lets five people share her house with her all at the same time. She is AWESOME!
On my third day here, we went to Grandma and Grandpa’s friend Pamela’s house for dinner. She gave us some of the best Pamela with Mac & CheeseMac’n’cheese I’ve ever had. It had mushrooms, smoked mozzarella cheese, stilton cheese, possibly some other cheese that I forget, with vegetable rotini. Pamela is a GREAT artist, and she even did a painting of my grandma which will be part of Pamela’s one-woman show at the Sequim Museum and Art Center. She was really nice too and gave me a bunch of lemonade!
On my fourth day, Grandma’s friend Ann came over. Ann is supeAnn in Lavender fieldr nice too. She goes walking with Grandma every day! She and Sally come over and eat with us sometimes. The Lavender Festival is going on right now, and Grandma, Sally, and Ann went to two or three farms together and ate lunch out, while Grandpa and I went out to Subway. It was fun because I got a bag of Doritos with my sandwich and then we went to StarbDeer eating Sally's applesucks for a Cheesecake Brownie.
While we were talking to Ann shortly after she arrived, a deer came really close to the apple tree in the backyard to eat the apples.
Today, we all went to the Lavender Festival. Grandma and I madeCompleted Lavender Wands lavender wands and I made a sachet. Both are pretty and smell strongly of lavender. I had a very good time, but I almost froze my toes off.
I’m going home tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to swinging on my swing. My brother has been at a backpacking camp, but he’ll be home when I get back. I’ve had a great time at the Fat Robin Farm.


  1. Wow! Love this blog post!!! So fun to read.

  2. Wonderful post, Owen and Mike. I wish you could all stay around!I hope to see you again before 7/28. Love, Pamela