Monday, May 3, 2010

Desert in Bloom

Most of the snowbirds have taken flight. In April they started to pull out and this last weekend there was a major exodus. Our laundry building was crowded with people trying to return home with clean clothes and I had to wait a long time to get an elliptical trainer at the fitness center. I guess they were trying to lose those few extra pounds they’d gained living the good life. I read that the population of Green Valley has around 20,000 permanent residents and it more than doubles when the snowbirds are here. Even though the heat is coming, the “year rounders” like ourselves, look forward to less traffic, the pool all to ourselves and an empty fitness center. Basically we like just having less people to contend with. There are a lot less activities going on in the summer, but we don’t go to very many anyway, so that’s not a big deal.
April and May are two months when many of the plants in the desert bloom. All those people who went back to Michigan or Ohio or Washington are going to miss it. Katie and I have been wandering around with our camera lately taking pictures. So if any of the snowbirds look at my blog they will see some of what they are missing.

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