Friday, July 16, 2010

Halleluiah, The Monsoons Are Here

Finally after weeks of excruciatingly hot weather,  the monsoon thunderstorms arrived the other day. We watched and waited in anticipation , peering out the windows of our closed up air conditioned condo.  Large single well-spaced drops began bouncing and sizzling on the concrete. Tree Leaves nodded up and down and the birds vacated our bird feeder.  The sound started to build.  Those big heavy storm clouds that have been teasing us for weeks, lumbered overhead and like B-52 bombers, dropped their payload on a grateful  desert and its dwellers. We flung open all the doors and windows, went outside and sat under the eve of our patio to experience the show first hand. The hard falling rain drowned out all other sounds  except for the occasional rumble and smack of thunder.  Neighbors began to appear, some we haven’t seen in weeks.  The thin little old lady who lives directly behind us appeared from her back door, still in her housedress and slippers,  walked right out into the downpour, turned her face toward the sky, opened her arms,  and in a high pitched screech hollered “Halleluiah!”. She gave all of us neighbors a big toothless smile and then returned to her tightly closed up condo. 
  Sheltered from the muggy heat, we again wait for the next well deserved summer soaking.   

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