Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rainy, Cold, and Comfortably Nostalgic

Painting by K. Yeager

A cold wind blew in yesterday and completely reversed our long stretch of 80 degree weather. We took a walk in the early evening and the people we passed all commented on how cold it was. The temperature was probably in the mid to upper 50’s and there was a little moisture in the air. Some of our fellow walkers looked like they were bundled up for a Nordic expedition. I’m not kidding. Two ladies we passed wore woolen caps, heavy jackets and mittens. I had on a sweatshirt and Katie a pullover sweater. We were walking fast and shivering a little and I hate to admit it but those two ridiculous looking women did appear happy and warm.
Last night the rain came in with a vengeance and we needed an extra blanket. It pounded on our patio most of the night and I remembered how nice it is to snuggle in bed for warmth. It’s cloudy and drizzly today and I’m thinking about the Northwest. I broke out some of my moldy smelling northwest clothes, heavy dark pants, a long sleeve shirt and jacket. They felt as comfortable as my skin. The sky is completely overcast and it is drizzling. I’m in very familiar territory.
Can you believe, people here in the desert complain about the rain? That definitely should be outlawed. Complaining about the rain makes sense in Washington and Oregon and especially on the Olympic peninsula. In Green Valley when it rains it’s like a ghost town. The few people who are out are either dashing into stores or into their cars. Of course there are the dog walkers, cursing and tugging at the leash while their little pooch is desperately trying to decide which cactus to pee on.
We are such creatures of habit. I guess whatever we’re familiar with is what we like. In the northwest when the sun shines it’s glorious. Everybody is out and trying to make the most of it. But after several days people take on a wild, frenzied, weary look. “We can’t continue this pursuit of fun and happiness much longer.” Then, sure enough, the clouds roll back in and even though they would never admit it, everyone is relieved. Finally back to normal. That’s how I’m feeling today. I’m sitting in a Barnes and Noble in Tucson having a latte and life is familiar and good.
I have to admit that knowing tomorrow will be sunny, dry and back into the 80’s helps me to savor this nostalgic mental trip back to the northwest.

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